Tuesday, 30 April 2013

What comes between me and my Calvins*

It’s the fag-end of April – or as TS Eliot used to call it, the cruellest month. Here in the Shoe Closet we share Tom’s seasonal ennui. We are sick to death of woolly tights and boots, but every time we unveil so much as a fingetip we risk losing it to frostbite. 
In London on Saturday, the sun peeped out long enough for your Shoeblogger to throw caution to the (still biting) wind and make a run for Cheveux 2000 on the Uxbridge Road, and the first pedicure of the season. Mind, I am not so deluded as to the forecast to go for one of s/s2013’s trendy neons. For the moment I am rocking an old favourite, “Iron Butterfly” by Orly (the last bottle I bought in Moscow. Can’t find it in western Europe.)

If anything is an excuse for new shoes, the first pedicure of spring has gotta be it. So here I am rocking it with a pair of particularly gorgeous Calvin Klein nude high-heel sandals. They have an underslung platform and 4-inch semi-conical heel covered in chocolate leather (scuff alert!) The T-strap has these cool shell-pink transparent pendants, a vague nod to Gatsby-fever.

They make me very happy. I am determined to wear them outside my bedroom some day. (Some day when it gets, you know, warm.)

*Nothing, apart from sub-zero temperatures...


  1. You have very beautiful feet. I mean, flawless. they're kinda hot ;)

    1. Why thank you, Anon. I also have pretty nifty Photoshop skills... lol!

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